Grading of Manuka honey and UMF

Do you want to buy certified Manuka honey with highest grade?

If you are aware of the uniqueness of Manuka honey, you will definitely want to make sure about the genuineness of that honey

To maintain the highest standard, UMFHA has established the grading system that allows the customers to purchase the Manuka honey as per UMF number mentioned on the label and it guarantees that the honey is pure without any adulteration.


 Genuine Manuka honey coming from New Zealand is known for its signature compounds that make it exclusive in properties. Our ONUKO honey is known globally and committed to providing pure and authentic Manuka honey licensed with the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association of New Zealand (UMFHA).

Being a certified member of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association, we are granted permission to use UMF label on the Jar of Manuka honey. The quality trademark of UMF is recognized globally for the genuineness of Manuka Honey. It makes our customers confident that they are buying authentic and pure Manuka honey.



Why Manuka Honey is graded?

Manuka honey coming from different areas of New Zealand contains different levels of signature markers like methyl glyoxal, leptosperin, and dihydroxyacetone.

This difference in the amount of signature marker evaluates the strength of Manuka honey. The Manuka honey obtained from the production farms is analyzed in the laboratory to determine the level of signature markers. Hence, the grade is given to every batch of Manuka honey accordingly. This grading system is named as UMF grading.

UMF represents the strength of that honey. Greater the strength of Manuka honey, more will be the antimicrobial effect of honey.

Genuine Manuka honey adhere to the following standards

  • Its processing packaging and labelling is done in New Zealand
  • The license number for that Honey is mentioned on the tag and also present on the website of UMFHA.
  • The UMF trademark present with rating represents that the Manuka Honey is genuine.
  • The Manuka Honey is produced in New Zealand and its selling to other countries without registering it under the UMFHA is illegal.
  • The UMFHA authorities issue a lab report that represents the exact values of Manuka signature compounds.

How is Manuka honey tested for the UMF grading system?

UMF grading system is based on the level of signature markers in Manuka honey.

Every batch of Manuka honey e is transferred to analytica laboratory of New Zealand that conducts MPI testing to check if the honey is monofloral or multi-floral.

The level of three signature compounds leptosperin, methyl glyoxal, and dihydroxyacetone is determined to evaluate the effect of Manuka honey


The presence of leptosperin in the honey made from the leptospermum Scoparium plant indicates that it is purely made from the nectar of Manuka bush.

Manuka honey attributes increase with a greater level of leptosperin.

A customer can get an assurance of purchasing genuine Manuka Honey if he notices only this compound.

Methylglyoxal and dihydroxyacetone

MGO methylglyoxal level in the Manuka Honey represents the potency of that honey against the microbes. Dihydroxyacetone DHA present in the nectar of the flower belongs to Manuka Bush is a precursor of MGO.

The greater the level of DHA, the more will be the amount of MGO.

Level of HMF (Hydroxyl methyl furfural)

The level of HMF in the Manuka Honey indicates the age and temperature abuse of that honey.

Its level should be less than 40 mg per kg of honey. 

The non-peroxide activity increases as the UMF rating of Manuka honey becomes greater.



How is grading mentioned on the label of Manuka Honey?

 UMF rating on the label represents the MGO value in the honey. UMF rating is directly proportional to the MGO quantity in honey that is responsible for the anti-microbial effect of honey.

Higher the level of MGO, greater with be the UMF rating of the honey.


5+                         83+

10+                       264+

15+                       515+

20+                       830+

25+                       1200+


Although our Manuka honey has got maximum UMF rating of 25+ that is equivalent to MGO level more than 1200 mg/kg, but least UMF rating  has also been reported to have beneficial effects on the health.



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