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Maori People

It didn’t take much for us to fall in love with the natural beauty, flora and fauna of the spectacular landscape and bountiful farms at the base of the mighty Mount Tarawera in New Zealand’s North Island. Our fascination with the healing and health benefits of Manuka honey produced in the region prompted us to reach out to the Onuku Maori Lands Trust (OMLT) that owns, administers and farms approximately 2363 hectares of land on foothills of the mountain and the shores of Lake Rotomahana. Subsequently we partnered with the local Maori people, to source, harvest develop the highest possible quality of Manuka honey on the market.

After years of passion, hard work, and research in order to optimize and protect thenatural properties of Manuka honey, today we distribute what is today the fastest-growing and most beneficial New Zealand honey brand. We honor the traditions and heritage of the land we source our honey from - the birthplace of the Manuka flower and nectar. We base our business and ideology on the core principles of integrity, quality, and reliability. We’re also committed to continue building our relationships with our Maori stakeholders to expand and solidify its supply network and help support the development of the Maori economy. Together our business and the bees strive to provide our consumers with the highest quality of Manuka honey.

Sourcing our honey in a naturally beautiful environment means that we need to do whatever it takes to protect the bees who create it from anything that could harm them. In addition to creating delicious honey, bees are essential to our agricultural system. Much of our food supply depends on bees that pollinate approximately 1/3 of the foods we eat.

Over the last decade bees have experienced a drastic decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), disease, mites, and environmental factors. Several bee species have even been declared endangered in recent years

While this is alarming, we are committed to teaching consumers about protecting bees and our environment. Our website and blog is dedicated to resources and information on how we can all work together to try and ease the burden of these pollinators.

After all, our purpose is to share the healing, soothing and chemical free properties of our range with the wider world, educating you about the purest, tastiest, highest-quality type of honey in the world made by one of the most precious, yet highly endangered creatures on the planet - bees.

Onuku Honey - a taste of New Zealand’s purest, richest, healthiest Manuka honey.