5 Surprising Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Onuku Manuka Honey is one of nature’s most powerful superfoods

Boosts Immune System | Improves Digestive & Gut Health | Natural Energy Source 

Manuka Honey is commonly produced in New Zealand by the bees that commonly pollinate in the special manuka bushes. It is a unique and most beneficial form of honey available I the market. There are various uses of Manuka Honey due to which it is grabbing the attention of various individuals around the world. Various studies and experiments have shown that Manuka Honey can help cure various health issues like ulcers, wounds and more. That is why scientists are trying to find out more benefits of the product. (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016)

For thousands of years, honey has been naturally used as the cure for various diseases. It is utilized as the main ingredient for manufacturing of various natural medicines because of the special antimicrobial properties. You will be surprised to know that some archaeologists claim that even the Egyptian royals have been using honey thousands of years ago (Juliette Steen, 2017). The experts found remains of unspoiled honey in the ancient pots. However, it seems like Manuka Honey is different from the honey which we have been commonly using. (Dr. Josh, 2018)

There are some individuals who are planning to buy the Manuka Honey for the treatment of some health issues they have been dealing with. However, they would first like to know the benefits of Manuka Honey which have been clinically proven. Here we have some of the benefits you need to know about.

1. Treat Eczema and Acne with Manuka Honey

There are many patients who have used Manuka Honey and shared their reviews about the product. They have claimed that honey helped them get rid of Eczema and Acne. However, the clinal trails which can support this claim are limited. However, if you will consider the antimicrobial properties and healing properties of honey, you will understand that it can help cure all such skin conditions. (Gareth Rubin, 2018)

A recent review done of the cellular and clinical properties of Manuka Honey’s effects for the treatment of atopic dermatitis shows that it is very effective in the treatment of different types of AD lesions (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016). The studies were done using different mechanisms. The studies were confirmed by controlled and randomized clinical trials.

There are some people who have claimed that after application of honey on the affected areas they were able to reduce inflammation and itching. It took only a few minutes, and they were able to get rid of the problem they have been dealing with for a long time. For the best results, most individuals are using the honey every day.

2. Treat ulcers, burns and wounds

There is recent research published in the Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products in which experts have explained that the use of honey can help to improve the healing process of wounds even in acute cases, it can help to relieve pain in burn patients as well as decrease process of inflammation that speed up the healing process. (Dr. Josh, 2018)

The reason Manuka Honey can help to cure wounds and ulcer is that of the amazing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial rich properties. The experiments done on animals showed that Manuka Honey improved the immune system and reduced the risk of infection in rats that were suffering from ulcers. In various cases, it is effectively used to promote improved and rapid healing. (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016)


The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey, and assures purity and quality. The UMF number represents the unique signature compounds, including key markers of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO) that ensure purity and quality. The Higher the UMF value is the higher purity and and quality of Manuka Onuku Honey.

3. Treatment of IBD and IBS

Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome is a common issue that most people are suffering from. It is a very painful condition in which people often find it hard to consume food because of the ulcers that are present inside their body. For many years’ experts have been trying to find a treatment for IBD and IBS. However, recent research done on Manuka Honey has shown that it can bring following benefits for the patients of IBS.

  1. Different doses of Manuka Honey protected against the TNBS colonic damage due to which the condition of patients was improved. (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016)
  2. All the treated gatherings indicated decreased colonic irritation, and all the biochemical parameters were fundamentally lessened contrasted, and the control in the Manuka honey treated gatherings. (Gareth Rubin, 2018)
  3. Manuka honey at various portions reestablished lipid peroxidation and also enhanced cancer prevention agent parameters. Morphological and histological scores were altogether lessened in the low portion Manuka honey treated gathering. (Dr. Josh, 2018)
  4. In the incendiary model of colitis, an oral organization of Manuka honey essentially diminished the colonic aggravation.

So Manuka honey treated intestinal irritation and torment, as well as repaired free extreme harm and ensured against further harm.

4. Help treat Allergies

An examination directed by the South Karelia Allergy and Environment Institute in Finland analyzing the impacts of honey and birch dust on sensitivities that had amazing outcomes (Gareth Rubin, 2018). The members were given normal honey, honey with birch dust added to it and some utilized just their sensitivity meds as a control gathering. The outcomes were great. (Juliette Steen, 2017)

The specialists likewise found that there was next to no contrast between the birch dust honey clients and the ordinary honey clients (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016). Along these lines, taking Manuka honey all the time may truly encourage your occasional hypersensitivities and decrease your requirement for prescriptions.

5. Treatment for Beauty and Health Booster

Taken every day, Manuka honey has a mixture impact that lifts vitality and improves your satisfaction. On account of its thick supplement profile, it helps imperativeness, young vitality, and has been known to enhance skin tone and surface. (Carter, D. A et, al. 2016)

Taken every day, Manuka honey has a mixture impact that lifts vitality and improves your satisfaction.

Utilize it in hand crafted confront wash to shed and battle free radicals in the skin. Utilize it in your cleanser or a hair cover to support the sparkle of your hair. One of my most loved uses is in a detox drink, to get the most advantages all around! (Dr. Josh, 2018)

If you are planning to invest in Manuka honey make sure that you get the pure and high-quality honey. You have to assure that you will get the product from a reliable retailer because that is the only way you can get original honey which comes with all the benefits.

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