Our Commitment

The following forms our commitment and promise to you:


Onuku Honey creates organic Manuka honey that honors our connection with Mother Nature and our most precious pollinators, bees. Our uniquely flavored and sweet tasting range holds high antibacterial/anti-inflammatory potency including 830 mg/kg of Natural Methylglyoxal (MGO 830+). Our products also have a high 20+ UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) - the only official grading system used to measure the potency, antibacterial qualities and the purity of Manuka honey by appraising the natural key indicators Leptosperin, DHA, and MGO (Methylglyoxal).

Distinctive Taste

Not only our natural honey does wonders to your health, it delivers the taste of heavenly nectar from the best of what New Zealand has to offer. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift idea that is a new experience on the senses in a jar, we have it: UMF Certified 20+ Onuku Manuka Honey. Our honey comes in a premium gift box and is a luxury honey present for any gourmet lover who is also searching for enormous health benefits.

Health Benefits 

We take every measure to ensure that the incredible nutritional value and health powers of our Manuka honey are preserved from bee hive to bottle. You will be sure to benefit from its known healing properties including wound healing, gastric ulcer prevention, acne treatments, oral health benefits, soothing sore throats and other immune system benefits.


Our ability to give back to our community is precious to us and we endeavor to give back to it by employing local staff, local businesses and supporting local trade. We work with local Maori people from the Mount Tarawera region and the Onuku Maori Lands Trust (OMLT) that owns, administers and farms approximately 2363 hectares of land on foothills of the mountain and the shores of Lake Rotomahana. We also showcase our products at a wide selection of markets and stores, helping to sustain Mount Tarawera’s commerce and community.

Unique Batch Tracing System 

Straight from New Zealand to your home, our honey jars come with a revolutionary app called OAYE. It is specially designed to track your jar of honey from place and time of harvest onward, so you know exactly when and where your bottle of golden heaven has come from.